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Brian Wanyama

Founder & C.E.O

born on: March 21, 1991
email: graffmatwana@gmail.com
phone: (+254) 0771 190 122
Brian Wanyama Odhiambo (born March 21, 1991) known professionally as Graff Matwana, is a Kenyan Entrepreneur, Matatu Ambassador, TV Producer, YouTuber, Chef & Graphic Designer who has heavily invested his time and money in re-branding and building value for the Matatu Industry through his company, Matwana Matatu Culture.

He founded Matwana Matatu Culture in October 2010. His passion for Matatus began when he was in primary school, as he would admire the art on them on his way home from school. He admired the vibrant graffiti, the hype from the Matatu crews as well as how speedy they would move in comparison to the conventional public transport vehicles. His love for art is what prompted his friends in the Matatu industry to start calling him ‘Graff’ and brand him the Matatu ambassador.

He is proud of the progress the industry has made with his help because the industry employs millions of youth and continues to showcase the Matatu industry to the world and is a huge part of Kenyan pop culture.