Boschmann Professional Parametric Graphic Equalizer


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  • Professional Parametric Equalizer with Low Pass X-Over
  • 13 Volts Peak line driver
  • Two Backlight Illumination Red/Green
  • Transparent Top Cover Panel
  • One-Half Din Size Chassis
  • Black chassis only
  • CD/RADIO Input
  • (3Channel Output) Front / Rear and Subwoofer Ouput
  • 7Band Parametric
  • Boost Cut 18dB
  • Switchable Dual Color Night Illumination
  • Fully Isolated Power Supply
  • AC/DC Power Supply: Adjustable Fader,Gain, Subwoofer Level,
  • Sweep Frequency : 80dB / 1KHz
  • Stereo Separation: Aluminum Chassis with Transparent Plexi Glass


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